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The Black Hole

Director Moonika Siimets

Coming Soon 2024

Jüri is an unemployed young man with esoteric interests. He shares his childhood apartment with his overprotective mother Ilmi and dreams of true love. Ilmi dreams of travelling to Europe, setting aside every penny she can save while supporting her son. When Wolfgang, a mysterious Austrian wearing breeches and a feathered cap moves in next door, Jüri and Ilmi are drawn into strange events. Jüri meets Gertrud, the woman of his dreams, and the line between reality and fantasy gets even more blurry. 

The Black Hole interweaves three urban stories into a bittersweet and absurdly comical parable about our fraught times.

Original title: Must auk

Genre: comedy, fantasy, romance

Language: Estonian

Director: Moonika Siimets

Screenwriter: Moonika Siimets

Cinematographer: Ivar Taim E.S.C.

Production designer: Kari Kankaanpää, Getter Vahar

Editor: Joona Louhivuori

Composer: Ann Reimann

Sound: Matis Rei

Main cast: Ursel Tilk, Rea Lest, Eva Koldits, Liina Tennosaar

Producer: Riina Sildos

Co-producers: Emilia Haukka, Jussi Rantamäki

Produced by: Amrion Production (EE), Aamu Film Company (FI)

To be released: 2024

98 min - DCP - 2.39:1 - 5.1

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