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Anneli Lepp

Anneli Lepp (born 1983) graduated from the University of Tartu with an MA in journalism (2007) and has fulfilled a yearlong master-level special course in audiovisual media at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

In the field of film, she has participated in two world-class workshops: EP2C international digital cinema post-production workshop in Belgium (2013) and Focal “Production Value” international co-production film budgeting and planning workshop in Switzerland.

Since 2005, she has worked as line producer and editor for numerous TV series in the production company Ruut (“Fork”, “Three-Barrel”, “Brothers-in-Law”, “Estonian Idol”, “Stars in Music”, and many others). She has acted in a number of positions of the production team for short and feature-length films (“The Coachman Knocks Three Times”, Exitfilm 2010; “Silver Wedding”, Kuukulgur Film 2012; “Taarka”, Exitfilm 2010, etc.). As a producer, she has produced the full-length feature "Cherry Tobacco” (Kuukulgur Film 2014).
Since 2008, Anneli works for Amrion as line producer and producer.

At Amrion, Anneli has acted as the Estonian line producer for the international co-productions “The Poll Diaries” (2010), “Hella W” (2011), “Seneca's Day” (2016), "Pretenders” (2016) and the Estonian film “Kertu” (2013).