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René Vilbre

René Vilbre was born May 17, 1970. He graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University in 1997, specializing in audiovisual disciplines, film director. From 1995 he worked for Estonian Television as a film program director and from 2001 as the general director. He has been a director and script writer for many short films and animations, such as “Üx päev” (“One Day”) 1993, “Samuel Beckett – Film” 1995, “Perekondlik sündmus” (“Family Occasuon”) 1998. “Filmikärbes” (“Film Fly”) 1999, “Armas tuss 50 aastat hiljem”(“Lovely pussy 50 years later”) 2001, “Puss in Boots” 2002. He has made many music videos for the band Dagö. In 2005 short feature film “Teine” (“The Other” (ordered by ARTE), documentary “Haukka Group” and feature film “Röövlirahnu Martin” (“Martin the Cat”)
He has been awarded for films “Samuel Beckett – Film”, the special award of the jury, St Anna’s Film Festival in Moscow (1995), “Fall in Love”, 3. prize (diploma), St Anna’s Film Festival in Moscow (1996), “Perekondlik sündmus” (“Family Occasuon”), special award of the jury, International Film Festival “Molodist” In Kiev, Ukraine (1998), prize of Cultural Endowment of Estonia – 2005 the most productive creator of films. Renś Vilbre’s “Röövlirahnu Martin” (“Martin the Cat”) was awarded the prize for the best children’s film at Lübeck International Film Festival. 
In addition to films René Vilbre has made many commercials, which have been nominated for the award of Kuldmuna (Golden Egg).
The director and author of the format of the Estonian Television program “FFRIIK!” (1996-1999), the director and author of the format of the weekly culture program “OP!” (1999-2001), director of “Kreisiraadio” (“Crazy Radio”), from 2000 director of screen graphics of the Estonian Television.
The author of the general conception and director of the interim clips of the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, script writer and artistic manager.
René Vilbre was the creator and executive of the audiovisual concept of Estonian EU referendum (2002-2003)