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Margit Kilumets

Margit Kilumets was born May 15, 1964 in Tallinn. In 1987 she graduated from Tartu State University philology faculty specializing in journalism.
She is working as a journalist for Estonian Magazine Publishing House and “Estonian Woman”. In addition to that she has been contributing to the Estonian Radio.
She has been a host and editor for radio programs such as Vekker, Café Duo and At Lunch with Two. From 1997 she has worked as a host of the program and editor for Estonian Television Morning Program and entertainment program “Ajameelne” (“Time Mentality”). In 2004-2006 she worked as a host and editor for the entertainment program “Tähelaev” (“Starship”). Public and current television program about handicapped children and their competition trip to Canada (with Ivar Heinmaa)
In 2006 Margit Kiluments was the host and editor of the special program of theatre awards. From 1996 she has written a large number of interviews, articles and feature stories for different media publications (Eesti Päevaleht, Eesti Ekspress, Pere ja Kodu).
The script writer and editor for the documentary “Afganistani armid” (“Scars of Afganistan) in 2004.
In 2006 the author of the biographical book “Ita Ever”. From 2006 Margit Kilumets has been the host of the program “Hotdok” in Estonian Television.
Margit Kilumets has been awarded for her journalistic work. 
In 1998 she was nominated the best journalist of Estonian Magazine Publishing House. 
In 2000 she was nominated the Journalist of the Year of Estonian Magazine Publishing House. 
Annual award of Estonian Radio. 
In 2003 the Journalist of the Year of Estonian Magazine Publishing House.