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Pink Cardigan


Henrik is a successful actor and comedian. In his private life he is lonely and insecure, struggling with adulthood.
One day, after dislocating his shoulder, he joins a yoga class and makes his first gay friend ever. Unfortunately the news reach Henrik’s homophobic half-brother Lauri. Trying to please everyone, Henrik gets mixed up in a battle between homophobes and the gay community, and in the end has to face his own prejudices and insecurities.

The short film “Pink Cardigan” is a comedy that deals with the absurdity of dogmas society has about sexuality and identity.

Premiere: 10th of December 2014

Genre: short
Director: Moonika Siimets
Producer: Riina Sildos
Scriptwriter: Livia Ulman, Andris Feldmanis
Director of Photography: Ivar Taim
Art Director: Eva-Maria Gramakovski
Sound: Horret Kuus / B6 Studio
Music: Arian Levin
Costume: Kristiina Ago
Editor: Marta Pulk
Principal Cast: Henrik Kalmet, Tõnis Niinemets, Sten Karpov, Indrek Ojari, Jüri Nael, Katariina Tamm, Kristo Viiding, Roland Laos and Ivo Reinok.

32 min/DCP