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Erik Stoneheart

Erik (10) is convinced he has a stone for a heart. That’s why he doesn’t mind that his parents have no time for him, or that he is bullied at school, or that he has no real friends.
When his family moves to a house they inherited, he is confronted by Maria (11) whom Erik's parents want to kick out along with her father. Maria refuses to move and promises to make Erik's life a living hell.
As a last attempt to defeat Erik, Maria goes to look for her mother who disappeared two years ago. Together they end up on a fantastical journey to the In-Between-World and Erik learns how hard it really is to wear a heart of stone.

Genre: family, adventure, fantasy
Producers: Riina Sildos
Director: Ilmar Raag
Scriptwriters: Livia Ulman, Andris Feldmanis

Shooting period: Summer 2019