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Paradise behind the Fence


Russian biggest summer resort Sotchi has been chosen the venue of the Winter Olympic Games of 2014. President Putin has promised enough snow for the Games, no traffic jams and big investments in building the Olympic facilities.
How it will effect the neighbouring small villages and if they succeed to survive and keep the living pace they are used to?

Genre: documentary
Director: Aljona Suržikova
Scriptwriter: Aljona Suržikova
Director of Photography: Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi, Ivar Heinmaa, Sergei Trofimov, Joerg Burger
Producer: Riina Sildos
Produced by: Amrion OÜ
Co-producer: Ralph Wieser/Mischief Films, Austria
Composer: Aleksandr Žedeljov
Sound design: Horret Kuus / B6 Studios OÜ
Editor: Tambet Tasuja

Premiers in January 2017

Link to treiler: