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Documentary film “Is the Best Enough”

This is a story of a failure and rise of a talented judoka, Estonian Olympic represenatative in Athens, Aleksei Budõlin.
Aleksei Budõlin was in his best shape before the Olympic Games in Athens. Everybody was expecting him to win a medal. His hopes crushed. The Olympic Games were a total disaster for Aleksei.
The documentary “Is the best enough?” takes us behind the scenes of professional sport and gives an overview of the hidden sides of the life of the judo wrestler Aleksei Budõlin. What happens before and after when the sportsman steps on the competition site in from of the spectators? What are the tensions the sportsman has to put up with, how and if he can handle them? The sportsman is surrounded by a number of supporters and helpers – family, coaches, doctors, training mates. Nevertheless they are seeking for help from witches and magic healers, who might open new possibilities for them as well as bring along the danger of slipping on the illusion. We follow what happens when the conflict between the sportsman and the coach is impassable, what the consequences of insecurity are and how important it is to believe in yourself.

Premiere: November 2005, Estonian Television
Director: Marek Miil
Producer: Riina Sildos
Produced by: Amrion OÜ