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Lieutenant, von and the manor of Leetse

This is a film about Baltic-German, Russian and Estonian issues and the intertwining of some characters in a small territory – in the marvelous, yet history-consumed manor of Leetse.
The heir to Baltic-German Vons, Christian von Wistinghausen bought the manor in the height of his emotions and wants to restore it as it once was. A Russian retired officer Viktor has worked in there for several years and would also want to see the manor rise once again from the ashes. The will of these two men could bring life and architecture worth seeing back to Leetse, a place near Paldiski. They hope that it would draw people who are not „metallurgists“, and that the architecture would be something different from what is usually seen in Paldiski – the military architecture.
And so it is: The Baltic-German and the Russian, hand in hand trying to restore the Estonian manor, both of them with their own problems and worries. Viktor hasn’t got the Estonian passport to this day, and he also lacks of trust toward the government. Christian on the other hand faces a complex task of convincing his not-so-keen wife and family in the worthiness of this project.
There’s something changing every day in Leetse. The terrace is starting to look like one, the park has been whacked out of the thicket and the pond is cleaned as well. But what does the future bring to this place, when Christian only has time to come here twice a year? Will his Jewish wife and little child Feliks get used to this place at all, who by a chance was born on the independence day of the Republic of Estonia. Will the German and the Russian have what it takes to blow life into this manor once again?

Premiere: 2006
Director: Margit Kilumets
Scriptwriter: Margit Kilumets
Director of Photography: Ivar Heinmaa, Meelis Kadastik
Producer: Riina Sildos
Produced by: Amrion OÜ
Co-produced by: ETV

27 min / Beta SP/ 16:9 / colour/