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Mihkel and Igor dream of moving from their home in Estonia to the land of opportunity and justice, beautiful Iceland. Events take an unexpected turn and Mihkel dies a horrible death, betrayed by his oldest friend, his Russian brother Igor. It is a story of Biblical betrayal, reenacted in a dark, real-life tragedy as Igor, a modern-day Judas, sells Mihkel out for material gain.

Genre: drama
Director: Ari Alexander Magnusson
Scriptwriter: Ari Alexander Magnusson
Produced by: True North (Iceland)
Producer: Kristinn Thordarson
Co-produced by: Amrion (Estonia), Filmhuset (Norway)
Co-producers: Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä (Estonia), Egil Ødegård (Norway)
Shooting period: autumn 2016

Estonian shooting period: May 2017
Length: 100 min
Format: HD, DCP
Sound: 5.1

Estonian premiere 18th October 2018.