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2 Hours to Happiness

A poetical documentary film about longing and searching for happiness between Estonia and Finland.

More than 70,000 Estonians live and work in Finland, at the same time as their families, parents, children and homes are in Estonia.
Moonika Siimets’s new documentary film „2 Hours to Happiness“ speaks about adjusting to new conditions, sticking to and loosing one’s roots, the yearning for and the search for happiness. The film is a humorously wistful documentation of families living in the snowy fields of Lapland, apartments in Vantaa, on the staircases of shopping malls, at construction sites, hotel lobbies, and of grandchildren in the living rooms of Estonian grandmothers who are waiting for their children to come home.

Genre: documentary film
Scriptwriter: Moonika Siimets
Director: Moonika Siimets
Director of Photography: Rein Kotov, E.S.C.
Editor: Andreas Lenk
Sound Engineer: Rein Kotov, Taisto Uuslail, Moonika Siimets
Sound Design: Horret Kuus / B6 Studios OÜ
Composer: Ann Reimann
Producers: Riina Sildos, Kadri Pahla, Marju Lepp
Shooting: Summer 2018–Fall 2021
Premiere: January 31, 2022  - Docpoint Tallinn Documentary Film Festival Opening film, Tallinn Coca Cola Plaza Cinema

Supporters: Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Cultural Endowment, KONE Foundation, MEDIA Creative Europe