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Production company Amrion

AMRION Ltd. is a production company founded by Riina Sildos in 2003 to produce high quality feature films and documentaries for local and international cinema and TV markets. The main aim is to make international co-productions with young promising talents and already acclaimed directors. What all the projects have in common is filmmakers’ personal vision, both with regard to subject matter as well as visual aspects.

Besides applying creative criteria, Amrion develops projects with clear audience profile. Amrion offers filmmakers an emphasis on development and international financing and distribution of the projects. As a former head of Estonian Film Foundation, Riina Sildos has extensive knowledge and experience in international financing and marketing and is one of the most recognized persons in Baltic film industry. She established the Baltic Films, the promotional body for marketing Baltic films and the Baltic Event – the international co-production market. She has also acted as the member of the Media Committee of the European Council. In Berlinale 2007, Riina Sildos was a member of the Short Film Jury. She is the national representative of EAVE and EMPA, and a member of ACE and European Film Academy.

Amrion has produced five documentary films, „Wounds of Afghanistan” (2005), „Is the Best Enough” (2005), „Lieutenant, Von and the Manor of Leetse“ (2006), „Viru. The Embassy of Freedom“ (2013), „Paradise Behind the Fence” and twelve feature films, box office hits „Mat the Cat” (2005), multi-award winning youth drama „The Class” (2007), „I Was Here“ (Estonia, Finland 2008), „The Poll Diaries“ (Estonia, Germany, Austria 2010), „Hella W“ (Finland, Estonia 2011),Une Estonienne à Paris (Estonia, France, Belgium 2012), “Kertu. Love is Blind” (2013), „I Won’t Come Back“ (co-produced by CTB Film Company (Russia), Amrion (Estonia), Helsinki-filmi OY (Finland), Belarusfilm (Belarus), Kazakhfilm (Kazakhstan) 2014), “Seneca’s Day” (2016), “Pretenders”, the opening film of the Estonian centennary programme “The Little Comrade” (2018)”Mihkel” (Iceland, Norway, Estonia, 2018), "Compartment No 6" (Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany, 2021) and a shortfilm “Pink Cardigan” (2014).

Riina Sildos also produced the animation feature „Lotte from Gadgetville” (Estonia, Latvia 2006) with Eesti Joonisfilm, an international co-production, which was chosen to Berlin Film Festival Generations Kplus competition programme in 2007 and sold to more than 50 countries. The sequel „Lotte and the Moonstone Secret“ premiered in August 2011 and has already become the fifth largest Estonian domestic film launch in 10 years and was selected again to Berlin Film Festival Generations Kplus competition programme in 2012.

Currently in production is the feature film "The Black Hole". International co-productions currently in post-production: “Erik Stoneheart” and documentary feature “Children of Talsinki”.

In script development is the feature film “Masters of The Sea” and TV-miniseries "Playground".